Our Ates and Kuyas treat us like family, so let’s protect them like they are.


Kasambahay Protect

They are the hidden hands behind a well-run household, our children’s playmates and storytellers, our cook and our in-house vet.

Accidental death/ Permanent Total Disablement

Should your kasambahay meet an accident resulting in their demise during your employ, you can provide financial support to her family so they may continue the quality of life she has provided for.

Should your kasambahay be totally disabled, the appropriate financial support, subject to the limits of the plan, applies.

Unprovoked Murder and Assault

Should your kasambahay fall victim to assault, Standard Insurance shall reimburse you an amount (stated in your plan) to provide benefits to enable her to recover.

Medical Reimbursement

Should hospitalization be necessary as a result of an accident, you can reimburse the medical treatment expenses (subject to stated limits in your policy).

Burial Expense Benefit

When death ensues as a result of an accident, Kasambahay Protect shall provide for the decent burial of your house help and if enough, some financial benefit to your kasambahay’s family.

Daily Hospital Cash Assistance due to accident and sickness

Should hospitalization be necessary either due to accident or due to the sickness of your kasambahay, Standard Insurance shall provide an amount (subject to the maximums stated in the policy) for a maximum of 30 days hospital confinement to replace the lost income of the kasambahay.

Cash Assistance Benefit

Should death be due to natural cause, a cash assistance benefit shall be paid to the beneficiaries of your kasambahay.

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