Safe drives make trips more enjoyable.


Car Protect

Car protect offers the most comprehensive insurance protection to make your ride more enjoyable.

Own Damage (OD)

This coverage protects the insured against damages to the property arising from accidental collision, overturning, falling, fire and malicious acts of third party.

Third Party Property Damage

This coverage protects the assured against liability for damage caused by the insured vehicle to property belonging to a third party.

Voluntary Third-Party Liability / Excess Bodily Injury

This coverage answers for indemnities beyond the limits set forth under the TPL coverage that protects the assured against liability of death or bodily injury to third party arising from an accident, caused by the insured vehicle.

Value-Added Services

Free Accident Coverage (PA), Automatic Technical Assistance, Casa Repair


This coverage indemnifies the assured in case of loss of the whole insured vehicle or parts thereof resulting from the acts of thieves or carnappers.

Acts of Nature

This covers damages incurred by the insured vehicle caused by earthquake, typhoon, flood, volcanic eruption, lightning, fire and other convulsions of nature.

Roadside Assistance Program

This is a value-added service for Car Protect clients that provides towing and other services in case of accidents or mechanical breakdowns.

Unnamed Passenger Personal Accident Insurance

This coverage financially protects passengers (including the driver) of a motor vehicle against injury or death arising from a car accident.

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