Teachers are our heroes, so we do our best to protect them in our own way.


Bayaning Guro Protect

Securing the most basic coverages need not be expensive or difficult. Just click here to get it in minutes!


They are called "heroes" because they help build the natiion through painstaking, hardwork to educate, train and develop young minds to become future leaders. They are our teachers and the relationship we build through them goes beyond our days in school. They help mold our minds and their impact in our lives strech further than the confines of the classroom.

Indeed, a teacher insurance specially designed for them is the least we can do at Standard Insurance. The "Bayaning Guro" Insurance plans was conceptualized with intentions of making sure each man, regardless of occupation can afford insurance to mitigate his risks. Thus each plan provide for accindental coverage and medical treatment and hospitalization for accident-related cases. It likewise provide medical treatment and hospitalization for sickness due to natural causes.

The Benefits and Coverages of Bayaning Guro can be summed up below:

  • Accidental death/Permanent Total Disablement.
  • Unprovoked Murder and Assault.
  • Medical Reimbursement (including motorcycling risk).
  • Burial Expense Benefit.
  • Daily Hospital Cash Assistance due to accendent and sickness; max. of 30 days confinement.
  • Cash Assistance Benefit (Non-Accidental Death).

"At premiums as low as 385php per year." this product is a good buy for our teachers who are hardly covered for these risks YET are exposed to them daily. Take a look at the Bayaning Guro brochure attached below for benifits and rates and choose one that fits your needs.

It is time we give back to our teachers. It is time to get one now!

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