Fun Things to do with your Dog this rainy season

When the rain starts pouring our poor dog is left indoors. Pretty soon, he gets bored and destructive. How do you avoid dog boredom?

Fun Things to do with your Dog this rainy season
Photo by Nahima Aparicio / Unsplash

Lots of sunshine encourages walks and days in the park. Rainy days however, keeps us and our dogs at home. How can you encourage play and exercise at home during rainy days? That's what we will explore in this article.

Now that summer is over and the rains start pouring, how do you keep your pets well exercised and energized?

When it's rainy outside, keeping your dog entertained and engaged indoors is truly a challenge. Usually, when the dogs are kept indoors too long, they start getting bored and sometimes, destructive.  So, what can you do and how do you make it happen?

Here are some great indoor activities to keep your dog happy and stimulated during the rainy season:

1. Puzzle Toys:

Sounds like activities for your energetic 3 year old? Indeed! Invest in puzzle toys that challenge your dog to solve problems to access treats. These activities can keep your dog mentally engaged and entertained for extended periods.

2. Tug-of-War:

A game of tug-of-war is a fun way to burn off energy and engage in some physical play indoors. Use a sturdy rope, and make sure to play safely within boundaries.

3. Hide and Seek:

Perhaps a dog’s favorite, hiding treats or his favorite toys around the house and instructing him to look for them appeals to your dog's natural hunting instincts.  It provides him mental stimulation and the exercise he needs.

4. Training Sessions:

Use the indoor time to work on new tricks. Positive reinforcement training can be a fun and rewarding way to engage your dog.

5. Indoor Fetch:

If you have enough space in an area of the house, play fetch with a soft toy or ball. Make sure you clear the area of any fragile items or anything that may cause an accident for you or your dog.  

6. Obstacle Course:

Set up items like chairs, boxes, pillows or portable fences that your dog can go through, jump over, crawl under or weave through.  This will provide hours of play and entertainment while giving you some exercise as well.

7. Scent Games:

Dogs have a keen sense of smell which you can use to hide treats with different scents in different parts of the room. Let your dog sniff them out, making sure you put his favorite treat at the most challenging spot. This is a fun and stimulating activity your dog will enjoy.

8. Interactive Play:

Play games that involve interaction, like "find the toy" or "follow the leader." Use your dog’s favorite toys to keep them engaged.

Thinking of DIY activities for your dog will not only make it fun to do, but it will help him enjoy prolonged time indoors.  With these activities, you can be sure you and your dog continue to enjoy each other, even while you stay indoors this rainy season.

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