Comprehensive Car Insurance: A Shield for Rainy Days

The weather these days is so unpredictable that we need a way to manage our risks or else lose our peace of mind.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: A Shield for Rainy Days
Photo by Chris Gallagher / Unsplash

When it rains in the Philippines, it pours! And this is not just a quip for an old adage, it really does pour.  Driving during the rainy days pose a number of risks on the road.  From slippery surfaces to pot holes and poor visibility. Poor road and driving conditions increase the chances for accidents and this is what you need to plan for.

When it comes to safeguarding our vehicles from damages caused by accidents on the road during the rainy season, comprehensive car insurance is an essential protection. In this article, we will explore the importance of comprehensive car insurance in providing peace of mind gained from the financial protection you need when your vehicle and its passengers are sufficiently covered.

Coverage and Benefits of car insurance:

So, what is a comprehensive car insurance and what is Third Party Liability insurance or TPL? Unlike TPL, which only covers damages to others vehicles or property, comprehensive insurance extends its protection to your own car and in some cases, even yourself and your passengers if a personal accident coverage is part of the package you chose.

It can also cover other damages that may result from falling objects or debris due to natural disasters. Vandalism, theft, flooding, and other incidents beyond your control are likewise included in a comprehensive car policy.  If you elect to include a Personal Accident coverage, it may cover you and your passengers for hospitalization and medical care resulting from an accident.

With flooding prevalent in Manila, it is advisable to get covered by a comprehensive policy.  With rainy weather being unpredictable, it makes sense to invest on comprehensive car insurance.

For your financial protection:

Car damages resulting from accidents, flooding, falling objects or fallen debris can be expensive to repair.  Even if you have the financial capacity to shoulder these expenses, the financial burden of repairs on your vehicle can be too much compared to the premium you would have paid for a car insurance.

Car insurance policies are financial instruments that can save you from the impact of these unpredictable events.  Comprehensive coverages for one, provide the necessary financial protection that will save you from a huge out-of-pocket expense.  Depending on your policy limits, your participation fee and the other deductibles of your policy, you may be saved from a huge financial loss in the aftermath of any of the covered events.

Peace of Mind:

Peace of mind is defined as a mental state of calmnessor tranquility, a freedom from worry and anxiety. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle and the need to juggle work, family and other commitments, it can just get very stressful if we do not plan in advance.  That is what a comprehensive insurance policy does.

Rainy days in particular, bring extra anxiety and stress for drivers due to poor road visibility and increased incidence of accidents on the road.  We know it does so we can prepare for the added risks that rainy days bring.

Sure, a comprehensive coverage is no excuse to be careless but it sure provides the assurance that when something unexpected happen, you have the backing of a strong financial institution like Standard Insurance.

Knowing you are covered helps you focus on your driving, to be more attentive and cautious rather than worried.  Your attentiveness in your driving helps you prevent accidents, saving lives as well as property.

Penny pinching does not help

It does not make sense to save money by avoiding premiums for a comprehensive car insurance coverage, really.  While it is good to be frugal, it makes more financial sense to pay for insurance premiums than to pay for the high cost of repairs after an accident.

We did not even mention Roadside Assistance service which gives you added help by making a quick call to someone.  A person on the other line can assist you if you need an ambulance or if your vehicle needs to be towed.  It is a big relief when you figure into an accident and don’t know what to do.

By investing in a comprehensive car insurance coverage, you can be assured that you, your passengers and your car is protected, even in bad weather conditions. This is why most people follow the advice “pay for the worst-case scenario today because it will save you huge amounts of money and spare you from financial hardships tomorrow”.

Standard Insurance Car Protect is a comprehensive car insurance policy that can provide you the peace of mind to face the challenges of driving on the road.  Click here for more information